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Roofvogels en Uilen van Noordwest-Europa
€ 19,95
Ledenprijs: € 19,95
Vogelbescherming Havik 82 telescoopset met kluut statief
Actieprijs: € 1.149,00
Ledenprijs: € 1.149,00
Crossbill Guide Veluwe
€ 22,99
Ledenprijs: € 22,99


Helm Field Guides Birds of Madagascar

The Malagasy region contains one of the most extraordinary concentrations of biodiversity in the ..

€ 39,95
Ledenprijs: € 39,95
A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide Birds Of Africa South Of The Sahara

This new edition contains new images, updated maps and fully revised text. The first book to desc..

€ 37,99
Ledenprijs: € 37,99
A Guide To Birds Of St Helena And Ascension Island

An invaluable guide for visitors to these south Atlantic Islands. Colour illustrations. 92pp. 200..

€ 23,99
Ledenprijs: € 23,99
Advanced Bird Handbook The Western Palearctic: Covering All Species And Subspecies Recorded In Britain, Europe, North Africa & The Middles East

Intended as a reference companion for the original Advanced Bird ID Guide, this title has larger ..

€ 31,99
Ledenprijs: € 31,99
Advanced Bird Id Guide: The Western Palearctic Every Plumage Of All Species Recorded In Britain, Europe, North Africa And The Middle East

Accurately describes every key detail of every plumage of all 900 species that have ever occurred..

€ 19,00
Ledenprijs: € 19,00
Birding Ethiopia A Guide To The Country's Birding Sites

This title is copiously illustrated with photographs and maps and includes a section on the speci..

€ 31,99
Ledenprijs: € 31,99
Birds of Botswana

Here is the ultimate field guide to Botswana’s stunningly diverse birdlife. Covering all 597 sp..

€ 19,95
Ledenprijs: € 19,95
Birds of the Horn of Africa

Birds of the Horn of Africa" is the first field guide to the more than 1,000 species of resident,..

€ 43,99
Ledenprijs: € 43,99
Collins Field Guide Birds Of Eastern Africa

Illustrates and describes over 450 bird species found in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and So..

€ 31,99
Ledenprijs: € 31,99
Common Birds Of Egypt

More than 100 of Egypt's most common bird species are illustrated in colour and described in both..

€ 17,99
Ledenprijs: € 17,99
Field Guide To The Birds Of Kenya And Northern Tanzania

Designed specifically for use in the field this is a portable version of the bulkier Helm ID Guid..

€ 37,99
Ledenprijs: € 37,99
Helm Field Guides Birds Of East Africa

  by Terry Stevenson / John Fanshawe Comprehensive guide covering all the resid..

€ 43,99
Ledenprijs: € 43,99
Helm Field Guides Birds Of Ghana

  by Nik Borrow / Ron Demey Compact guide to all the resident, migrant and vagr..

€ 37,99
Ledenprijs: € 37,99
Helm Identification Guide: Birds Of The Seychelles

by Adrian Skerrett / Ian Bullock / Tony Disley 242 species illustrated including 26 ende..

€ 37,99
Ledenprijs: € 37,99
Oiseaux D'Algerie / Birds Of Algeria

The aim of this book is to present an annotated checklist of the 406 bird species that have been ..

€ 42,99
Ledenprijs: € 42,99